This resource is designed to assist you in discovering your preferred method of connecting with God. Please select the response to each statement that most describes you. When you are finished, click the button labeled “Get Test Results” to receive your assessment.


1.When I have a problem, l’d rather pray with people than pray alone.
2.In a church service, I most look forward to the teaching.
3.People who know me would describe me as enthusiastic during worship times.
4.No matter how tired I get, I usually come alive when a challenge is placed before me.
5.Spiritual reality at times feels more real to me than the physical world.
6.I get distracted in meetings or services if I notice details in the surroundings that haven’T been attended to.
7.A beautiful sunset can give me a spiritual high that temporarily blocks out everything that bothers me.
8.It makes me feel better about myself to be with people I know and like.
9.I’ve never understood why people don’t love to study the Bible in depth.
10.God touches me every time I gather with other believers for praise.
11.People around me know how passionate I feel about the causes I’m involved in.
12.I experience a deep inner joy when I am in a quiet place, free from distractions
13.Helping others is easy for me, even when I have problems.
14.When faced with a difficult decision, I am drawn to walk in the woods, on the beach, or in some other outdoor setting
15.When I am alone too much, I tend to lose energy or get depressed.
16.People seek me out when they need answers to biblical questions.
17.Even when I’m tired, I look forward to going to a church service.
18.I sense the presence of God most when I’m doing his work.
19.I don’t understand how Christians can be so busy and still think they’re hearing from God.
20.I love being able to serve behind the scenes, out of the spotlight.
21.I experience God in nature so powerfully I’m sometimes tempted not to bother with church.
22.I experience God most tangibly in fellowship with a few others.
23.When I need to be refreshed, a stimulating book is just the thing
24.I am happiest when I praise God together with others.
25.“When the going gets tough, the tough get going” – that’s me!
26.My family and friends sometimes tease me about being such a hermit.
27.People around me sometimes tell me they admire my compassion.
28.Things in nature often teach me valuable lessons about God.
29.I don’t understand people who have a hard time revealing personal things about themselves.
30.Sometimes I spend too much time learning about an issue rather than dealing with it.
31.I don’t think there’s any good excuse for missing a worship time.
32.I get tremendous satisfaction from seeing people working together to achieve a goal.
33.When I face a difficulty, being alone feels most helpful.
34.Even when I’m tired, I find I have the energy and desire to care for people’s problems.
35.God is so real when I’m in a beautiful, natural setting.
36.When I’m tired, going out with friends refreshes me.
37.I worship best in response to theological truth clearly explained.
38.I like how all of the world’s problems – including mine – seem unimportant when I’m praising God at church.
39.I get frustrated with people’s apathy in the face of injustice.
40.I sometimes feel guilty for enjoying silence and solitude so much.
41.I am happiest when I find someone who needs help and I can help
42.People know that if I’m not around. I’m most likely outside in a beautiful place.
43.People around me describe me as a people person.
44.I often read lots of books to help me work through a problem.
45.When I get overwhelmed, there’s nothing like a good worship service to get me back on track.
46.I should probably take more time to slow down, but I really love what I do, especially ministry.
47.Sometimes I spend too much time mulling over negative things people say about me.
48.I experience God’s presence as I support someone who is struggling or in trouble.
49.When I see natural beauty, something wonderful stirs in me that is difficult to describe.